Experiences with Universal Healing

What others say about us.

“After my husband passed away I, I felt like living in an unreal world and had to go back to find my base again. Children left home so now what? I ended up with Nicole and that felt warm and familiar immediately! During our firtst meeting there was an unexpected contact with my husband which I had not anticipated, but it felt so nice. That gave me a lot of strength. I wish for everyone to experience this. I have been meeting Nicole around 7 times now and I feel more and more energetic every time. The healing helps my body and mind to become one again. I have confidence in the future. Thank you very much for your great help.”

—  Lia

“Nothing is more beautiful than getting a complete scan about yourself. How have I enjoyed and learned from this reading! Nicole has read me very aptly, a beautiful quality of her. As a bonus for my future she gave me the tip to start the training effective intuition. I followed her tip and never regretted I started the training!”

—  Karin

“Before I went to Nicole I had shoulder- and neckpain, fatigue and stress issues. During the healing I felt my body getting warmer and doing strange movements in specific areas I did not do consciously. It seemed as if the tension in my shoulders and neck were wiped off. It felt like I was floating and sat on a cloud. I was completely relaxed. I did not tell Nicole about my stomach flu the week before and the intestine problems I still had. During the healing it felt like she rubbed my stomach, as if it was cleaned. After the session the stress level considerably reduced and I was totally relaxed, even quiet. It felt as if I was completely cleaned, I felt renewed. Thank you Nicole, I had a goodnight sleep.”

—  Jaysh

“I came with fatigue, nausea and pain in my ankle. After the healing the fatique and nausea were doing much better already and the pain in my ankle was gone. The day after I got pain in my knee and diarrhea. After a distance healing those complaints had completely disappeared as well.Thank you!”

—  Daan

“I went to Nicole with pain in my elbow, knee and bladder. After a relaxing healing my elbow was much less painful, as well as my knee. After a long distance healing the next day my bladder was doing better as well. I was quite surprised about this because I already tried several things, especially for my elbow but without much improvement. I can wholeheartedly recommend Nicole.”

—  Bettie

“Nicole has given me a couple of healings. Always after having received a healing from her my shoulder pain disappears. A healing session is very relaxing. I will come back again if the pain comes back. Thank you!”

—  Chimène

“Nicole has given me a healing several times, both in her practice and remotely. I had inflammation in the shoulder, arthritis, nerve pain and lack of energy due to all the pain. After a number of healings all my symptoms have been greatly reduced. I am very satisfied with her treatment and ability.”

—  Ellen

“Being with Nicole I was overwhelmed by a sense of serenity and warmth. I appreciate her extensive expertise in several areas, this time I received a healing. My stomach has improved and my chest feels more open and lighter! Thank you Nicole for helping me and giving me self healing tips. I look forward to next time!”

—  Berber

“When I went to Nicole I was curious, chaotic and a little nervous. Nicole was very relaxed, took care of a relaxing atmosphere and clearly explained what would happen and what I could expect. I have great admiration (and was also surprised) for the way she was right every time. It seemed as if we knew each other for years! The reading evoked several feelings in which the following words are characteristic: recognition, acknowledgment, confrontation, clarification, inspiration and satisfaction. Somewhat overwhelmed by the reading I went home. Now, weeks after the reading, I think back of it almost daily. The insights that Nicole has given me are extremely valuable and I integrated the (practical) tips in my everyday life. I can really recommend everyone to undergo an aurareading!”

—  Susan

“I went to Nicole for a palm reading. From the moment I arrived I found Nicole to be warm, easy to talk to and with a very natural and reassuring manner. I recognised lots of truth in what she said and found it really fascinating. What was equally interesting to me, and unexpected, was that Nicole was so intuitive about where I was at energetically. She talked about where my energy was blocked and did an energy healing at the end which brought me a tremendous sense of peace and lightness, as thought a dark blanket had lifted. This session had such a terrific effect on me that I was very keen to book two more sessions for energy healings. So, after three sessions I can completely recommend Nicole as both palmist and energy healer. After all the sessions I came away feeling like I was more in touch with my heart, feeling much better – more grounded and connected and able to face challenges in my life from a new perspective. Thank you Nicole! I shan’t forget it!”

—  Joanna

“It was a fun and educational experience to have our hands read by you and so nice how you handled my six year old daughter, she loved it. The knowledge is now being passed on to her girlfriends :). Thank you for your attention and warmth.”

—  Nina and Esmé

“The palmistry workshop was a very surprising and interesting experience for us. Our group was quite varied in terms of participants still Nicole was able to explain it to everyone in a clear way. She takes time and answers questions. Reading someone’s hand is very personal, nevertheless she manages to deal with that with integrity. Definitely recommended!”

—  Bettie and Daniëlle

“Thank you so much for your presence! Everyone was very impressed. Such accuracy and precision. There are a few ladies who would like to have their hands read by you more extensively. Very nice that you were there and I hope we may welcome you again one day.”

—  Ann

“Thank you for the great workshop! Everyone enjoyed it and it was very successful! Thanks for the fun morning!”

—  Carola

“On behalf of the entire group I would like to thank you for the workshop. It was very special. We continued to talk about it till late in the evening. Everyone enjoyed it. The way you took care was fantastic; open, warm, involved, careful, inspiring and wholeheartedly. Thank you for that. You have contributed to a successful bachelor party.”

—  Deborah

“Following the workshop I wanted to send you a thank you note! We all had a lot of fun and the knowledge we gained has been discussed for a long time afterwards. The first family members and friends have been studied closely already. Thanks for your nice workshop and pleasant company it became a wonderful day.”

—  Iris

“The workshop was absolutely fabulous and could have easily continued for another hour. I only get nice responses and each of them is still using it. Even the ‘down to earth’ characters can not stop talking about it!”

—  Dorine

“On behalf of the volunteers I want to thank you very much for giving the workshop palmistry. Everyone has enjoyed it immensely and here and there people were touched. Your presence contributed to a wonderful day. We will definitely call again for another workshop and will follow you via social media.”-

—  Yolande

“Nicole is very friendly. I felt comfortable immediately. I was very impressed by the accurate observations she made. In 1.5 hour she provided a clear picture of me. She really knew who I am, where I stand in life and what my sensitivities are. She knew to convey information clearly and lovingly. Therefore it has been a valuable experience to me. Thanks Nicole!”

—  Katja

“Quite frankly I had my doubts the first time I went to Nicole. However, I left the building both stunned and enlightened as well as inspired. Nicole has a special gift that is undeniable. In a gentle and loving way she gives you insight about yourself and renewed faith in your own abilities. Both the reading and the healing is a unique and special experience!”

—  Sacha

“Sitting with Nicole, she offered a second voice to reiterate my own thoughts and ideas. She was able to translate and explain my various energies and help me to make become more aware of myself. I found the relaxation experience to feel healthy and somewhat therapeutic in openly receiving Nicole’s observations and explanations in my reading. I did not feel hesitant to ask questions. The reading becomes a reminder of looking inward to proliferate great energy and strength outward – Nicole’s gift is helping me to do just that.”

—  Toyah

“The first time I met Nicole she proved to be a very warm, calm and reliable person. Unbelievable that someone who never saw me before could tell so much about me. I recognized 99.9% of the things she said. It was very constructive.”

—  Dick

“When I went to Nicole for an aurareading I was quite nervous. The moment she opened the door I felt at ease. She radiates a huge calmness. I was surprised that I opened up rather quickly, it felt very familiar. Nicole gave insight in my emotional life and blockages, she described them flawlessly. Afterwards I had a very peaceful feeling and started to think about things I want to change and especially how I want to remove a certain blockage. It was a very nice experience and I would highly recommend it if you struggle with particular matters.”

—  Ellen

“I visited Nicole for an aurareading. It was a very nice experience! I find Nicole a very calm and warm woman where I felt at ease. Before she started she clearly explained her way of working. She described a number of items I can really use. Everything she said is how I experience things in my life, that was very nice to hear!”

—  Amber

“In a fun and relaxing way Nicole helps you explore what is written about you in your hands. She gives insights in who you are, what fits you en what else you could develop further. A very special experience!”

—  Paula

“Nicole is a coach who sets a focussed path for the customer with an incredible great empathy and with special intuitive qualities. In several discussions I had with her I have experienced her to be an inspiring interlocutor who knows to combine spirituality and common sense effectively. Highly recommended for those who think about and want to develop further his or her life issues!”

—  Paul

“Nicole has a very pleasant way of working. She tells and explains how she gets her information. I received many new insights and practical advice from her using her intuitive feeling on how to handle things. In short: an enrichment!”

—  Eileen

“I have had several discussions with Nicole in which she listened to my questions very lovingly and calm and then consulted her intuition. Looking back I must say that she has always been right. She is a gifted life coach and a very honest and positive person.”

—  Rianne

“It is incredible how striking Nicole described my feelings and things that are on my mind. She does that in a very calm and clear way. In addition, she gives recommendations on how you can break through blocked energy flows. That helped me to make certain choices. Many thanks for that.”

—  Angélique

“Nicole has supported me with wise words and very much patience. By listening and reflecting she transformed a period with many challenges into one with learning points. Because of her coaching and support a step forward has been taken. With much integrity and respect she uses her empathy and intuition to openly discuss all kind of subjects. She provides appropriate support and at other times reflects. She uses her spontaneity and humour to create a natural environment to work on enhancements in a positive way.”

—  Alex

“Nicole is sincere, warm and loving. She listens very well and is able to imagine herself in somebody else’s situation. She is enthusiastic and inspiring and at the same time calm, objective, respectful and shows integrity. It is very nice to talk to Nicole about things especially when you need support and enlightment.”

—  Peter