Palmistry is a ancient science based on the lines, dermatoglyphics (prints on the skin), nails and form of the hand. It gives you insight and recognition in areas such as vitality and personality traits.

Reading your hands is not about predicting the future. Your way of thinking, your talents and for example how you manifest in the outside world is written in your palms. Therefore reading your palms can play a guiding role with regard to choice of profession, relationships, health and other aspects of your personality. It is mainly focused on character analysis, qualities and possibilities. It does not provide an immediate solution for problems, but gives deeper and refreshing insights in your personal situation.

Handen Met Een Verhaal


Hands with a story (Handen met een Verhaal).
Thé book about palmistry!

Nicole Versteeg wrote ‘Handen met een verhaal’ (Altijd jezelf bij de hand), a book about reading hands for beginners and advanced students. By way of clear descriptions and drawings the meaning of several forms, lines, patterns, areas and nails are being explained. You learn to read hands in a very easy way! The book is only available in Dutch.

This digital book can be ordered here.