• Aurareading

    intuitive way of reading energy

    An aurareading is an intuitive way of reading your energy. During a reading various aspects of you will come forward. For example where you get your strength from, what your response patterns are and where it comes from can be read in your energy. It also shows what gives you positive energy, what works well for you and what your qualities are so you will be able to help yourself in a constructive way.

  • Healing

    balance and vitality

    A Universal Healing session helps you to gain and maintain a strong balance and vitality. Using visualisation, breathing and sound you help yourself to recover. You also help yourself to focus by directing your energy. Together we will work on getting your energy level to optimum with a program especially for you. Reprogramming your system so you make better choices in all areas. Inner growth, vitality and balance.

  • Palmistry

    hands with a story

    ‘Handen met een Verhaal’ is thé book about palmistry. With clear descriptions and drawings the meaning of several lines, patterns, areas, shapes and nails are being explained. With the help of this book you easily learn the basics to read hands. You can get this digital book for just € 9.95 (only available in Dutch). If you join a palmistry workshop in the Centre you will get a discount on the e-book.

healing - Universal Healing


During a healing session from Universal Healing we will look at blockages in your energy flow. Physical limitations and excessive emotions may occur for several reasons. For example this might be the result of unbalanced emotions or living environment. A healing session helps you to recover on emotional, mental and physical level. You will experience a better balance within yourself and feel more vital.

handlezen - Universal Healing


Your hands give information about your qualities, your activities in everyday life and, for example, your health. The talent you got at birth or what you are developing is reflected in the shape of the hand, the lines, nails, and so on. Warts, callus, freckles, position of fingers... everything has a meaning. Each area in the hand gives you specific information and make you more aware of a situation.

workshops - Universal Healing


During workshops and training at Universal Healing you learn to balance your energy, analyzing your hands, strengthen your intuition, visualize, meditate and/or make cosmic connections. These workshops are accessible to anyone who wants to broaden and deepen his/her knowledge in a cheerful, energetic way. There are special programs available for children.


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